18+ years of Global Sourcing Experience

We are a global product sourcing company founded in 2005 to provide sustainable sourcing and procurement services. Over the years we have accumulated knowledge of wealth when it comes to providence of product sourcing services. We have managed to expand our product sourcing activities across Asia, Europe, Africa and America which means we are able cover all important emerging markets and to closely integrate with both our clients and their supply markets.

We have presence on the ground in Europe, Asia and North America and we are still penetrating numerous emerging global markets across the globe. Our customers come from all over the world and we pride ourselves in engaging with both small and large businesses to provide only high-quality products. From consumer goods all the way to our favorite: dried mealworms! We can source all type of products that comes to your mind. When you think of product sourcing made easy think of us!

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Celebrating our achievements and industry accolades as we continue making strides in innovation and service excellence.

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Why work with us

We understand your core goal: To get exactly what you asked for, in time and at the right price. We are:

18+ years of experience
Sourcing globally
Cost savings up to 70%
The combined experience of over 200 years in sourcing
Sourced over 3,000 products. Shipped over 5,000 containers
50+ all-female team, strategically located across the globe
Saved our customers over USD 300M
We speak over 20 languages
Offices in Germany and Singapore

How are we different from others?

We give you recommendations where in the world to best produce your product based on your USP’s.
We have database with over 30,000 manufacturers. We research new suppliers every day.
We focus on the WORLD not one region.

Our Success Stories

What are clients saying about us


The cooperation with Zignify is super! Especially the professional sourcing process, high transparency and very good customer service offer a great added value. Thanks to Zignify’s experience and network, I managed to find a suitable manufacturer in a difficult market situation. I can only recommend the cooperation!

Lukas J, Amazon Seller

We approached Zignify to help us find a suitable producer. They took a very structured approach and were absolutely transparent at all times about the current status, which producers could be considered, how much time had gone into the research and exchanges with various producers so far, and so on. Although we ultimately decided on a producer that we found by other means, we can still absolutely recommend Zignify due to the very pleasant cooperation!

Hanseatic Commerce GmbH

“Thank you for helping us to navigate the bumpy road of producing a completely custom garment. We learned a lot of lessons during this experience and we appreciate your assistance to find a competent factory”

Invasion LLC

We hired Zignify as a sourcing and business development consultants (Asia) to improve the operations, supply chain and customer acquisition for SMART-STB. They are deliberate with their marketing tactics and implement them with great attention to every detail. For me, one of their most important skill sets is the ability to self-manage and keep our projects moving forward no matter my availability or the lack thereof. No worries once you have agreed on a game plan and a course of action.

Smart-STB Ltd

Yuliya and team are great. Will work together on future projects.”

330 Ventures

Impressed by Yulia’s knowledge and contacts in the industry. Thank you”

Howard Piano Industries

The team was wonderful to work with. They were determined to get me exactly what I needed for my product. I am very particular with what I am looking for – quality and design must be perfect. They did not stop until they found the exact manufacturer to suit my needs. I will use then again in the future for any sourcing work. Thank you!”

Global G
The team was so fast and they have great experience. I tried to work with some other agency before them and they had no knowledge. After short meeting with the team before starting the project, I felt myself lucky to find the right team to work with. Highly recommended”
Crazy Inc

They are fantastic!! Highly reliable, highly skilled and very hard workers! Will definitely be working with them more. They are creative, personal and caring… the A Players we look for in our company.”

Gentle Living LLC

I worked with Zignify to get the products, and I’m really pleased with the outcomes. They’re experts in this field and showed it from the beginning. They looked into suppliers carefully, checked samples, and gave us useful info to decide. I felt like they cared about my needs, quality, and finding eco-friendly products that matched our values

Jacqueline González Gómez

Our collaboration with them felt more like a collaboration with an in-house team rather than an outsourced service. They seamlessly integrated and understood our goals and worked tirelessly to bring our visions to life. Thanks to Zignify, we’ve not only improved the quality of our products but also enhanced the overall client experience. I look forward to our continued partnership.

Katarzyna Droś

I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience with Zignify Global Product Sourcing. As a business owner, finding reliable sourcing partners has always been the most important aspect of our success, and Zignify has exceeded our expectations in every way. From the moment we hired them, their professionalism and dedication were evident. Their enthusiasm and dedication to our success made us feel like true partners rather than just clients. They are more than a sourcing company; they are a strategic partner in growth. I highly recommend them.

Zoran Petričević

I had an item that the manufacturer stopped producing here in the USA.  I met Zignify at a trade show in Mexico. They were quick, efficient and thorough in helping me find a new manufacturer and will hold your hand through every step of the process.

Brian Freifelder

I was really happy with the service I got from Zignify. Even though there was still a language barrier, they certainly found more suppliers than I managed to! Communication was really good as well. Always keeping me in the loop. :+1:

Virginia Dempsey

Zignify helped me out a lot by helping me find cheaper shipping options I couldn’t find myself. They saved me thousands of dollars on future shipments with under $1000 I spent on their services. The customer service was excellent, and the personnel were very responsive and caring. Thank you very much!

Liza Mossing

We’ve been using Zignify for over 2 years now. They are crucial to our supply chain overseas, and we are glad to have them as a partner!

Tavish Rice

Sourcing in China? – no problem!


Ausgezeichnete Kommunikation. Hervorragende und vor allem sehr schnelle, transparente Arbeit beim Product Sourcing. Wir haben ein für uns gutes Ergebnis nach ca 16 Stunden Arbeit durch Zignify bekommen. Das wird definitiv nicht unser letzter Auftrag sein. Vielen Dank ans gesamte Team

Rene Hecker

Sehr kompetent und freundlich. Immer erreichbar, was ich von meiner letzten Sourcingagentur nicht behaupten kann.  Wir haben in sehr kurzer Zeit ein neues Produkt in einer perfekten Qualität auf den Markt bringen können. Werde mich nun immer an diese Agentur wenden.

Manuel Wagner

Sehr gute Erfahrung. Zignify unterstützte mich erfolgreich bei der Optimierung meines Produktsourcings. Klare Empfehlung.

Trade 77

Gute zielführende Ergebnisse, effiziente Arbeit, klar Kommunikation. Klar, nicht jedes Sourcing-Projekt kann zum Erfolg kommen. Aber das muss es auch nicht, wenn damit trotzdem das bestmögliche Ergebnis erreicht. Danke und gerne wieder!

Stanislaw Lorenz

Sehr gutes und internationales Team. Eine echte Unterstützung in Sourcing! Sehr professionell. Weiter so und gerne wieder.

Sebastian Moll

Super Team und sehr professionell, kann ich auf jeden Fall empfehlen!

Benjamin Kreitmeir

Ich freue mich auf die Betreung und auf die Zusammenarbeit mit Zignify… Die Geduld und Ihre Professionalität… Ich hoffe, dass es für meine Produkt alles klappen wird so dass ich auch gut verkaufen kann…


“I am very pleased with the communications and overall experience with Zignify Global Product Sourcing this far and have a product idea. I will definitely be reaching out to the team in the future. That product is more fitting to Mexico leather textiles as we previously discussed.”

PhatKat Evolution

“Very competent and friendly. Always available, which I can’t say about my last sourcing agency. We were able to bring a new product of perfect quality onto the market in a very short time. I will now always turn to this agency.”

Manuel Wagner, The Sala Collection

“The communication with Christine was great. The accumulated data was accurate and very professionally presented. The only reason for 4/5 is, that Zignify contacted 21 suppliers, and after 5 weeks, we only received 4 quotes. Expectations going into this was at least 7-8 new potential suppliers. But one of those four suppliers was a great match, and we will now continue business with them moving forward.”

Michael Sobotka

“Susanne and the Zignify team have been wonderful to work with. They are very attentive to the needs of customers and understand the nuances of sourcing and all things related to the supply chain. They are great partners for any business that works with overseas suppliers. Thanks!”

Grant Yim

Brands we’ve partnered with

The Vegan Warehouse
Hey Bud
Dandelion Kerning Brown
KHGB Ventures GmbH
Health Routine
Theonoi UG
Kang Fore

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