The sourcing period varies according to the product been sourced. This mainly depends on the product design requirements, complexity, and industry specifics and therefore sourcing times can vary.

Many of our customers, old and new, are successful Amazon sellers with the majority using FBA. Our sourcing process can be tailored to FBA specific requirements like packaging, labeling and quality.

We deal with Small/Medium Sized Enterprises (SME). This includes start- up companies that find it hard to navigate through and are overwhelmed by the complexity of the sourcing process.

We also lend a hand to well- established medium sized businesses that are tired of allocating own resources to a procurement process that is not the core competence the business.

We assist new entrepreneurs who are getting into e-commerce but have no idea how and where to get legit products from. We will help your business get off the ground.

We can source any product or service from commodity to customized. Check out our Example Work and let’s get started.

Yes, you can. For simple products, it is still possible to handle everything but again it can still be tricky especially when it is your first time. For complex technical, high quality, and special design requirements a sourcing agent can provide you with significant cost savings down the line.

Here are the two biggest advantages

  1. Sourcing is our core competency, like a barber cuts hair. Unless you have your own sourcing department, it can be of great advantage to outsource this process.
  2. We are on the ground and this makes it easier for us to know whom, how, where, and when to connect with, may it be in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. Our customers come from all over the world and we have worked with numerous amounts of products.
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