Sourcing Process

What we do for you, so you don’t have to

Already managing your supply? Sourcing a product overseas may have numerous disruptions and unavoidable risks so it requires constant attention to avoid and manage such uncertainties. As a reliable product sourcing agency, we are not only your business partners; we strive for more by ensuring that we oversee the entire supply chain for you. Working hand in hand with you and our suppliers helps us communicate your needs more effectively. It also helps us leverage better deals from factory owners who respect and trust us.

From sourcing the right factory to overseeing quality control, our product sourcing techniques will be a necessity to help you succeed. It’s a partnership arrangement really. We organize and manage your demand forecasting, purchase orders, inventory or cash, importing, warehouse operations or customer invoices. Let’s have a detailed conversation!

Our Sourcing Steps

Understanding you

Step 1

Understanding  You

We listen to your needs and expectations for your product. We consider price, specification, quality, service delivery, and customer satisfaction. We create a product sourcing plan that matches your goals and vision.

Step 2

Factory Selection

We have a large network of trusted and verified manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, especially in China, South America, and Europe. We undertake new factory research and verification using various sources. We can also sign NDAs and NNNs with the factories if you require it.

Factory selection
Quotation process

Step 3

Quotation Process

We obtain quotations from the factories and compare them based on various factors. We narrow down the list to 2 or 3 factories that best meet your requirements and expectations and discuss options for receiving samples from them. We always recommend having a backup factory in case of high demand.

Step 4

Order Customized Sample

We order the samples and make sure they are exactly as you requested. We use the samples as the standard for mass production. We check the samples before they reach you. We also include individual packaging designs per your design.

Order customized sample
Start mass production

Step 5

Start Mass Production

After you confirm the sample products, we place the order for production. We monitor and inspect the production process closely. We keep you updated with progress pictures and videos. We also provide a final inspection before the product is shipped, if you wish.

Step 6

Freight Forwarding

We offer simple and flexible freight forwarding services. You can choose the mode of transportation that best suits your needs and deadlines, whether it is by rail, sea, or air. We ensure that the products leave the warehouse and reach their shipping routes on time.

Freight forwarding
Goods arrival

Step 7

Goods Arrival

The goods arrive at your location just in time for you to deliver them to your customers. We make product sourcing easy and hassle-free for you.

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