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Already managing your supply? Sourcing a product overseas may have numerous disruptions and unavoidable risks so it requires constant attention to avoid and manage such uncertainties. As a reliable product sourcing agency, we are not only your business partners; we strive for more by ensuring that we oversee the entire supply chain for you. Working hand in hand with you and our suppliers helps us communicate your needs more effectively. It also helps us leverage better deals from factory owners who respect and trust us.

From sourcing the right factory to overseeing quality control, our product sourcing techniques will be a necessity to help you succeed. It’s a partnership arrangement really. We organize and manage your demand forecasting, purchase orders, inventory or cash, importing, warehouse operations or customer invoices. Let’s have a detailed conversation!

Our Sourcing Steps


To come up with a product sourcing plan that is effective we start by getting a thorough understanding of your needs. Not just the big things like price, product specification, and quality of manufacture, but all the things that are just as critical but harder to convey to suppliers: everything from your expectations of service delivery to the expectations of your product.


Due to vast worldwide product sourcing engagements, we’re fortunate enough to have a huge contacts list of manufacturers and suppliers from different parts of the world. In fact, we have a solid ground presence in China, South America, and Europe. Besides dealing with our existing suppliers and manufacturers, we also do new factory research and use different sources that include government organizations to verify the factories.

The factory selection process undergoes thorough and prudent stages. Depending on your product, we deal with up to 10-15 factories. However, the number can increase if the product is extremely specialized. These are not just factories that do an outstanding job, they’re factories that we trust and are legit hence you are guaranteed product quality sourcing services. Upon the request of the client, NDAs and NNN’s can be signed with the factories.


After factories are verified, we start getting quotations from them and based on those quotations and few other factors we will narrow down factories to 2 or 3. With the few verified and selected factories at hand, we discuss the option of receiving samples. We ensure that we get the samples from at least two companies in case something goes wrong and this will hold as your back up.

As a product sourcing partner that cares for you, we advise you to always have a backup factory. This is because, if your sales will grow exponentially and your original factory will not be able to handle the orders, the backup factory comes in handy


We go ahead and order the samples making sure to verify that they are exactly as requested because they will later be used as mass production samples. We have experienced product sourcing specialists who check the samples before they reach the client. This assures you that you get what you asked for without any delays and glitches. The samples include individual packaging design per the customer’s design.


After confirmation of the sample products, we start placing an order form as production which is keenly examined and inspected. During the production process, you need a product sourcing expert who will keep in touch at all times. Progress pictures and videos will be sent to the client to inform them if everything is in order and how the production process is going. Before the product is shipped, we provide a final inspection at the request of the customer.


Our freight forwarding services are simple and once again, you set the agenda. Products can be shipped as soon as possible according to your choice of freight forward that is either by rail, sea or air. Either way, we’ll work within your deadlines. We’ll be on hand to ensure target dates are met, to warrant that products leave the warehouse and reach their allotted shipping routes on time


The goods arrive at your location just in time as you needed them so you can deliver them to your customers. When you think of product sourcing made easy, think of us!

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