Get Money Back with Amazon FBA Refunds

An FBA audits how you find out if you are owed Amazon FBA refunds.

If you aren’t familiar with the FBA auditing process or Amazon FBA refunds, you’ve come to the right place. An FBA audit goes through all your Seller Center account records to identify errors and discrepancies resulting from how Amazon handled your inventory, order fulfillment, and customer returns. These errors and discrepancies qualify for Amazon FBA refunds. In most cases, you have to file claims based on the FBA audit findings to recover money owed to you in FBA refunds.

As you probably imagine, an FBA audit of your Seller Account records, particularly if you have a lot of SKUs, involves a lot of tedious time and effort. So is an FBA audit worth committing all that time and effort?

Yes. An FBA audit can uncover Amazon FBA refunds amounting to as much as 1% to 3% of your annual revenues. That’s because Amazon makes roughly 1 to 3 errors for every 100 FBA inventory orders. That’s a pretty good ratio that seems almost insignificant until you do the math. Just as an example, a million-dollar seller could stand to get back anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000.

And, as we’ll see, there is an easy and risk-free solution to perform an FBA audit to find out exactly how much you might be owed in Amazon FBA refunds and submit claims to get them. But before we get into that, let’s first explain what Amazon FBA refunds are and how an FBA audit finds them.

Amazon FBA Refunds

You are owed Amazon FBA refunds whenever items handled by Amazon in your inventory are lost, damaged, improperly returned, destroyed or disposed of, or overcharged for storage.

Your products can get lost during shipping, or at the Amazon fulfillment center if it is incorrectly placed in another Amazon seller’s inventory.

Amazon FBA refunds also result from improperly credited customer returns, as well as from customers who receive refunds but never return your product. When Amazon destroys or otherwise disposes of any item in your inventory it considers unsaleable, you are owed Amazon FBA refunds.

Amazon FBA storage fees are based on product dimensions. If the dimensions Amazon uses are heavier and/or larger than the manufacturer’s stated dimension, you could be overcharged and owed Amazon FBA refunds.

FBA Audit Finds Your Amazon FBA Refunds

Amazon does not always automatically issue refunds for errors and discrepancies it is at fault for. That’s why you need an FBA audit: to review all transactions reported in your Seller account and identify errors and discrepancies where Amazon has not reimbursed you.

But just performing an FBA audit doesn’t automatically guarantee you’ll get all your Amazon FBA refunds. There’s a whole separate process where you must submit claims, within specified time frames, to the appropriate departments within Amazon.

Is FBA Auditing Worth It?

This is one of those which came first, the chicken or the egg, type of question. Is FBA auditing worth it? Certainly, it is if you can recover a significant amount of Amazon FBA refunds. But how do you know if you have a lot of Amazon FBA refunds owed to you? You don’t unless you conduct an FBA audit.

You could perform the FBA audit yourself, but that takes away time from actually running your business. And remember that in addition to the audit, you have to spend further time submitting claims. You could hire someone, but that adds to your overhead with no guarantee of significant ROI. The same is true of hiring most third-party Amazon FBA solutions providers.

There is, however, one very attractive no-risk option for FBA auditing and Amazon FBA refund claims management.

The Getida Amazon FBA Auditing Solution

Getida is an Amazon FBA refunds solution provider that makes the whole FBA auditing process easy and highly cost-effective. Getida performs your FBA auditing for free. Here’s how it works:

Getida software examines the past 18 months of your Amazon FBA transactions to flag potential discrepancies for potential Amazon FBA refunds. You can review the findings on an easy-to-read dashboard to determine if there are sufficient occurrences to submit claims. If you decide to proceed, an experienced team of former Amazon employees experienced in the whole Amazon FBA refund process submit claims and follow up to ensure success. And all this is still free.

You are only charged a percentage of whatever Amazon FBA refund claims are successfully approved. And the first $400 in Amazon FBA refunds are free of charge.

Click the “Free Signup” button and provide the requested information. There’s no obligation and no risk. It’s the best and easiest way to perform FBA auditing and get the Amazon FBA refunds owed to you.