Agora E-Commerce Success Story

An  Overview

In this case study, we showcase the success of Agora E-Commerce (whose annual sales is an estimated 5-10k units per year) in optimizing their sourcing strategy for fridge seals, a crucial component in their product offerings.

The Challenge

The client faced pricing challenges with their previous supplier for fridge seals, hindering their scalability. Seeking change, they looked for a partner to reduce costs and improve supply chain efficiency.

Our Solution:

Utilizing our expertise, we sourced reputable suppliers in China, dedicating over 15 hours to ensure quality and affordability. By negotiating favorable terms, we secured significant cost reductions for Agora E-Commerce, laying the groundwork for seamless operations.

The Results:

The client transitioned from their previous supplier’s price of 2.10 USD per unit to just 1.35 USD with the new supplier we found, representing substantial cost savings.

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