Reducing 15 boxes down to 1 leading to packaging volume optimization

MakakaOnTheRun is one of Sebastian Herz’ (Zignify’s Founder) own brand, it is a shop that sells award winning Anti-Spy products. One of their various products that they notice is that the packaging is though nice however quite large so they thought of optimizing it in terms of storage.

Reducing product volume is a great way to save time and money and we have massively reduced the volume amount by changing the packaging design, minimizing its size, making it compact, readable and with scannable barcodes. The process was very quick and the whole amount of every packaging that contains 200 units – fits in one hand! Before, it used to be lots of master cartons each containing roughly 250 units and now 3200 units in a single little master carton. We reduced 15 boxes down to just one. Certainly, this doesn’t go with every product however if your product is small and the packaging design can be reduced then think of optimization. Especially, the customers nowadays don’t need large packaging.

Results that Speaks Volumes

Reduced Product Volume

Time-Saving as packaging time doesn't take long

Cheaper Shipping Cost

Cheaper Storage

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