Is it easy to start on amazon business? This is a question many beginners’ ask themselves. What makes many give up on amazon business is that they do it alone and eventually find the process challenging.

However, when you break it down, it’s not as complicated as it looks. If you follow the proper steps and put some time in, you can start a successful business on Amazon. You may even be able to quit your job and work from home full-time, giving you plenty of flex time.

If you want to give a try in the amazon business, then this is the right place for you. This simple guide will give you the best instructions and what to lookout for before starting your ecommerce journey.

Starting a successful Amazon Business

As said earlier, before starting the amazon journey you need to follow the proper step.  So, what exactly do you need to start on amazon? For you to be successful the first thing you’ll need to do to ensure you have a profitable business do proper research before you start working your way up to the top.

More than 90% of Amazon sellers give up after a couple of months because of the lack of research. Since they didn’t know what they were getting into, they gave up after their first failed attempt.

You see, so many people want to have a profitable amazon business. Customers one the other hand want a trusted business where they can purchase a wide array of products- which is why an amazon seller you have to ensure that your customers get better selection, better prices, and top-notch customer services.

Once you are able to satisfy your customers then you can be assured that the profit potential is enormous, and you can quickly scale and grow it once you become established.

Selling on Amazon: How does it work?

Is Amazon right for my business? Absolutely Yes! And anybody can become a seller on Amazon. The largest household brands like Walmart, and even both small, medium and large business are thriving on the platform. Amazon is a platform where you can buy stuff from. The products that are sold on Amazon come from different sourceswhile other products are directly sold under the Amazon’s own brand.

Even though Amazon sells its own products, their most profit comes from third-party sellers. And there are different kinds of third-party sellers. There are big and brands that are well-established who sell their products on Amazon, or manufacturers who sell directly on the platform.

There are individuals who either sell a couple of products they have around in their houses, or individuals trying to sustain a growing business by sourcing products and reselling them on Amazon.

Building an Amazon Business Step-By-Step

1. Find a Product to Sell

A lot of products sold on Amazon ranging from books, shaving kits, beauty products, jewellery, and other personal goods. Picking the right product is very vital. To make on Amazon ensure that you find a profitable niche. To have a profitable business, you need to do market research and find relevant trendy and competitive products that align with your passion and interests.

2. Start Market Research

Once you determine your niche, you have to verify it on the market with market research. Keep track of competitor sales over a period of time. Tracking your competitors will give you a more realistic view of the market, niche, or segment.

Another idea is to communicate with several suppliers or customers to get to know their sentiments for the products; you could use a survey.

If you confirm that the sales numbers are consistent in the market, you can take your plan to the next step. In a stable market, you can move forward based on your plan.

3. Identify Suppliers

Once you determine your niche, you have to find your product supplier. There are several ways to find supplier info. You can find suppliers on Alibaba and other B2B platforms such as AliExpress.

Seeking the services of a product sourcing company to help you find reliable suppliers and manufacturers is also beneficial especially in foreign countries since they are knowledgeable in terms of language and cultural practices.

4. Order Sample

Ordering a sample is incredibly important when you want to check product quality before making the final order. This also gives you a clear picture of who you’re dealing with? Can you trust them with your business needs?

Anybody resistant against sending you samples should be avoided altogether, don’t bother with someone who wants to hide their products.

5. Shipping products to an FBA warehouse

Once you ensure the products are of good control you ship them to an amazon fulfillment center. This is known as Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and is a great way to handle delivery to customers.

Amazon FBA sellers have higher listings priority and optimize their listing and can market their goods. It is also vital to work with a supplier who has experience working with Amazon because those who don’t know how to meet a fulfillment center ‘s requirement will struggle often dealing with returned goods and also shipping delays ca also be a challenge.

Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day and the holiday seasons are times when sales are critical and you will want to work with someone who knows how to meet Amazon shipping requirements.

When creating a product listing ensure the images are of high quality. Try to provide enough info about your products and make your product listing appealing.

6.Managing your Inventory

Always ensure that you have enough to sell and keep your product inventory level available for your market and sales. Ensure your inventory stays updated regularly to show the availability of the item on your product listing page. You want your customers to be loyal and to ensure this always ensure they get what they want all the time.

For you to ensure your inventory never goes down, ensure that you work with reliable manufacturers and that you have multiple sources for your product.

7. Follow-Up on Customer Feedback

One of the perfect ways to build credibility from your customers is through their reviews. Amazon customer reviews are very essential to your business. Customer experiences and reviews are proof for your business and products as well. As a result, you need to follow up on the shopping experience of the buyer so that they leave their feedback.

8. Optimizing your Product Listing.

Optimization is the process of making your listing most appealing to Amazon’s search engine to increase website traffic and boost sales. This process makes it more attractive for users, increasing your ranking for specific keywords. Monitor your sales performance and get to know your business within the market

As an amazon seller optimization should be a continuous process. To attract as many potential customers as possible, make sure to craft compelling product listings that have clear and concise titles, benefits-rich descriptions, and vivid pictures.

Final Thoughts- Is starting Amazon Business Right for Me?

Absolutely YES! Of all online business available, Amazon by far is the most profitable and has the highest potential earnings. Amazon boasts as the largest E-commerce platform and this gives you an assurance of finding potential customers than you could ever imagine.

While selling on Amazon isn’t everyone cup of tea, and can be challenging, once you get your footing right by using the guide above you can create an online business and earn money.