Whenever you want to sell products in your store by buying them from an identified supplier in Europe i.e., sourcing products, Zignify offers you a quick-to-grasp guide to sourcing from Europe.

While any business worth its salt these days has an online presence, it’s time-consuming and utterly laborious to try and find the right product for your business simply by searching websites. For example, when sourcing products from Europe a single product search can turn up thousands of results.

Identifying reliable suppliers is one of the most important aspects of product sourcing. If you want to find the best supplier for your requirements, you must do more than just compare prices. Concentrating only on price can hurt you in the longer run.

The product sourcing process is not for the faint-hearted, and therefore you need to be on you’re a-game when you want to source products worldwide. So many vital choices have to be put in place such as, researching for the right supplier, ethical sourcing, price and costs calculations and production methods.

Engaging with manufacturers and suppliers means that they have to meet delivery timelines, meet quality standards and compliance requirements.

We are in such unprecedented times and what we advise our customers is a diversity when it comes to sourcing products. That is why despite China being a force to reckon with in manufacturing we can’t ignore other strong and emerging manufacturing hubs like Europe. When you think of procurement needs you can’t fail to recognize that this continent is vital for business procurement.

Establishing a local and global presence would not be possible without appropriate level procurement services. Business clients would suffer major losses as a result and that’s why Zignify Global Product sourcing offers a means to deliver the full package procurement in Europe for businesses looking to step up their game or establish new ventures in the region.

European operations are spread over the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Ex-Yugoslavia, Baltic States and other parts of the continent. Europe boasts of industrial prominence in manufacturing and production sectors.

Before embarking on sourcing in Europe, you must first figure out how the European market works. So here is our guide and takeaway to successful product sourcing in Europe with Zignify Global Product Sourcing Company.

Research Your Product

Figure out what type of supplier you’re looking for. This will help determine the terminology you need to use in your research. With over 17 years of experience in product sourcing and procurement services in Europe, thorough product research is a very vital if you want the sourcing process to run smoothly.

The European markets is ideal for us as some of our clients come from UK, Germany, Poland to mention but a few. Europe sourcing activities are our major fields which means we are able cover all important emerging markets in the continent and to closely integrate you and the European supply markets.

Good research on your product will help you know what missing in the market and take advantage of that opportunity. This will even be easier for you as you are able to work with manufacturers as they understand what exactly you want.

Contacting any potential suppliers

When contacting suppliers know what you want out of this initial contact with the supplier. Are you looking for information? For samples? Specific products? Knowing that, and being upfront about your needs, will help the process go smoothly.

Once you’ve identified a number of suppliers that meet your criteria, it’s time to start narrowing them down and forming relationships. Once you have you chosen your European supplier or manufacturer, ensure that you verify if they are legible by asking for official documentation and verifiable testimonials.

Ask for samples

Now the vendor selection process is complete, ask for samples before you place for large orders to verify your product sources. It’s normal to want to start producing right away and have samples on your table Monday morning. However, this is not realistic.

You need to be reasonable with manufacturers and understand the complications that come with each industry. Depending on the product, the supply chain can be complicated and is constantly affected by external forces.

Choose supplier to trial –run an order

After confirmation of the sample products and you are 100%, you can now make a large investment by placing an order for mass production. For this process to be effectively examined, have physical factory inspections done and this is where we come in handy.

During the production process, you need a product sourcing expert who will keep in touch at all times. Progress pictures and videos should be sent to you to inform you everything is in order and how the production process is going.

Once you have received your products ensure that they are of high-quality and meet your desired standards.

Questions to ask Yourself?

  • Did the products arrive on time?
  • Are the products in good condition when they arrived?
  • Would you work with the supplier again?

Keep your options open and continue sourcing

Have a list or database of other manufacturers and suppliers that you can communicate with in the future. Keep your options open and the idea of having multiple product sources should be your number one priority. Zignify product sourcing recommends contacting 30- 60 suppliers for this also gives you room to have a higher negotiating power.

Why choose product sourcing with Us?

Sourcing products in Europe may have numerous disruptions and unavoidable risks so it requires constant attention to avoid and manage such uncertainties and we can help you overcome such uncertainties and risks.
As a reliable product sourcing company based in Germany, we are not only your business partners; we strive for more by ensuring that we oversee the entire supply chain for you.

Working hand in hand with you and our large database of suppliers we will help you leverage better deals from Europe factory owners with a good work ethic for your convenience.