We are excited to bring you this special interview today with none other than Jim Mann, VP of  Europe –Getida– the Global Leader in AMZ FBA Auditing & Reimbursements. Together with our co-founder Sebastian Herz, they discuss some critical topics about Getida, the market, and much more. Let’s dive in!

Sebastian Herz: Hey guys! Good morning, afternoon, or evening, wherever you are in the world. I’m honored to have the one and only Jim Mann from Getida with us today. We’re going to discuss a few quick topics about Getida, the market, and everything else in between. Jim, before we dive into the questions, could you give us a bit of an introduction about yourself?

Jim Mann:: Nice to see you, and thanks for the big introduction. My name is Jim Mann, and I am the VP for Getida, a reimbursement company that gets 1 to 3% of annual revenue back for FBA sellers. Before joining Getida, I was the head of M&A for Thrasio, the aggregator that bought numerous companies in Europe. Before that, since 2013, I was a multi-figure Amazon FBA seller. So, I’ve sold, and acquired, and now I specialize in reimbursements for FBA sellers.

Sebastian Herz: That’s impressive! A quick question: Back when you were running several seven-figure businesses, did you use a reimbursement service?

Jim Mann: Funny enough, I used Getida. That’s how I got to know the service and the founders, which eventually led me to work with them. Back in the day, I used Getida as a customer, starting around 2015 or 2016, when they first offered the service.

Sebastian Herz: Wow, that’s quite a journey! Now, you’re working with them and getting even more out of it. Congratulations! With your extensive experience, what are you seeing in the marketplace these days? What are some key trends in reimbursements or selling in general?

Jim Mann: The big shift we’ve seen over the past couple of years is a focus on margin. Previously, everyone talked about sales numbers, but now the conversation has shifted to unit economics and margin. Sellers are more educated and aware of the importance of profit over revenue. Ad spend is a significant killer of margin, and the recent inventory-related fees introduced by Amazon are top of mind for many sellers.

Sebastian Herz: That’s true. Profit is definitely the key. What changes are you seeing in how sellers respond to these trends?

Jim Mann: PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a massive focus right now. AI is revolutionizing PPC management, similar to how algorithms transformed trading floors. Rules-based PPC strategies are now being enhanced by AI, which can make faster and more accurate decisions. This technological advancement is leveling the playing field for agencies and driving profitability by optimizing ad spend.

Sebastian Herz: AI in PPC is definitely a game-changer. How has PPC evolved since you started?

Jim Mann: When I first started selling on Amazon, you couldn’t even bid on advertising. I struggled to spend more than 3% of my revenue on ads. Nowadays, keeping your advertising cost of sales (ACoS) below 20% is a challenge for many brands. The focus has shifted to optimizing ACoS and total advertising cost of sales (TACoS), with AI playing a crucial role.

Sebastian Herz: Absolutely. AI is making a significant impact. What other major trends are you observing?

Jim Mann: Another significant trend is the increasing fees from Amazon. For many brands, 50 to 60% of their gross revenue goes back to Amazon, including referral fees, FBA fees, and advertising costs. Additionally, value-added tax (VAT) in countries like Germany and Austria further cuts into margins. Sellers are becoming more aware of these costs and are focusing on strategies to manage and reduce them.

Sebastian Herz: It’s a tough market out there. How can Getida help sellers with these challenges?

Jim Mann: Getida audits over $25 billion in transactions daily, making us the sixth-largest data pool through Amazon’s API. We audit between 8 and 10% of FBA revenue globally, which allows us to provide valuable insights and recover significant amounts of money for our clients. This recovery can make a huge difference in maintaining profitability.

Sebastian Herz: That’s impressive. Thank you for sharing these insights, Jim. Any final thoughts?

Jim Mann: The market is constantly evolving, and staying ahead requires focusing on margin, leveraging technology like AI, and being aware of all the costs involved in selling on Amazon. At Getida, we’re committed to helping sellers navigate these challenges and maximize their profitability.

Sebastian Herz: Thanks again, Jim, for your time and valuable insights. To all our listeners, stay tuned for more interviews and tips on succeeding in the Amazon marketplace.

Stay tuned for more interviews and insights from industry leaders. Until next time, happy sourcing!